Monday, September 24, 2012

Oh Busy July

 July is ALWAYS so busy! I don't think we are ever home in July! We were able to go on the Annual Wowood Boulder Mountain trip! It was so nice this year. Not near the wash out as last year. It still rained but only at not and a very little during the day! Kasey took to prize for largest fish I am pretty sure! He was excited. It was a good week of fishing, four wheeling, and good food and family! This is a trip my kids look forward to every year!

Like I said Our July was busy! Parades and lots of them! Kaylee was in almost every parade with her dance group in Sanpete! Kaleb's team qualified for the State tournament so we were able to experience that. My dad, and Kaleb's Uncle Ben and cousin Sarah even came and watched him! It was fun and a good experience! We had lots of swimming and BBQ's in the back yard with family. We also lost a great and amazing man. My Grandpa Thatcher passed away in the first part of the month. It was a hard thing for me to deal with, not sure I really have. It was a very beautiful service to honor such a great man! We always have fun at the Ute Stampede in Nephi, and this year it was an extremely WET year! We got soaked during the Mammoth Parade and Saturday night at the rodeo was a soaker! We also took the kids to the Zoo and to the Bees game, then decided to stay up in Salt Lake, and went to Lagoon the next day! Sam has wanted to take the kids to Lagoon for a long time. They had SO much fun and are already planning the next trip there!

Then because I had nothing else to do in July, I was over a Little Miss Pageant in Fairview! We had some super cute girls try out and it was so much fun! I had an amazing group of ladies to help out and we are planning on making it an annual thing!

Kaylee was chosen as the Queen of her age group. She did such a good job and LOVES her crown!
And of course we always finish out the month with Fairview's amazing Pioneer day celebration. Fun Run, Parades, rodeo's, fireworks and always a family get together. We love our summer celebrations!

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