Monday, September 24, 2012

What a legacy!

We celebrated Grandpa and Grandma Russon's 60th Anniversary a little early! This was the only time the WHOLE family could be here and Grandpa's health isn't so well!  65 people in the large family picture, and we were only missing 9! So amazing the family love we all have for one another. Grandpa and Grandma Russon have an amazing family and they love each and everyone! Their love is still so strong for each other and for the Savior. Grandpa is pretty sure he will not be with us much longer and gave some great speeches and then took each one of us one at a time gave us each a  hug and told us he loved us! It was a very humbling spiritual experience for us all! We are so very lucky to have such a patriarch leading our family!

From Flames to Floods

How could we forget the crazy fire season! It was CRAZY this summer and started so early! The whole west hills of Fairview lit up with flames and smoke made for some amazing photos, and yet some scary times. Never in my life did I think I would be asked to evacuate me home in less then 5 minutes, but it happened! And I have to write about it to never forget it!

Sam had just left the house to go practice baseball with his team to get ready for the Lions Tournament. The fire was still blazing but we were ok....or so we thought. All the sudden the STRONG winds shifted and the alarms started going off. I had not ever heard that alarm so I quickly turned to Facebook to see messages and posts from city and county officials that Fairview was on a mandatory evacuation and we needed to get out! Pure fright swept through me as it must have everyone cause I could NOT get through to Sam on his cell to tell him what was up. And the thought that he had others kids there made me sick of what to do. Our Sports director LeeR went down and told them to leave and Sam loaded boys took a couple home and kept the rest with him.

Now what to grab in 5, camera, the kids backpacks we had them pack "just in case" which we never thought would happen, and the family picture on the wall as we shut the door...Oh ya and one giant black lab! Sam dropped the kids from the team off to parents at the Red Cross Center in Mt and then we went to his Brother Wes' house in Mt! Then the calls came in and I realized how blessed I am to have such amazing friends. Offers of beds, clothes, food, place for the dog, and just words of love! It made a tough situation a little easier! We stayed the night in Nephi and we were let back into our homes the next afternoon around two! It was only a short time but really made me think of how we can be better prepared.

All while the West Hills were on fire, and fire start ed in Huntington Canyon, Sam's way to work. It shut the road down! Sam spent a few nights in Huntington with his brother Jared.  We were so lucky to have so much family to help out during the fires...

Now we deal with flooding.... Huntington Canyon has has LOTS of mud slides and they aren't little ones. They have closed down the canyon a total of 16 work days at different times and I know we aren't out of the wood yet! The flooding here in town has been something to see. Water troughs, trees, and debris have come down and ruined hay fields. We were able to go out and watch one come down! It was crazy! Not sure how long we will have to deal with it all but we are just so thankful for the firefighters who saved our homes!

August....End of Summer

We always love August because that means its time for County Fairs! We love love love the county fair. The boys went and spent the week of Juab's fair in Nephi with my parents. We went to the derby and WOW what a derby! Over 9,000 people there! It was so cool! I was part of the Sanpete Fair committee this year and over the kids rodeo. It was the first one and it was a HUGE success! My kids all rode in it except Karson who I think ever since getting hurt last year is scared to death! Kasey placed 3rd in the calf riding, and Kaleb placed 3rd in Juinior steers! Kaylee may never ride a sheep again. She didn't like the horns on hers.  Kasey was able to ride in a winner takes all finals the next week. He did a good job. Now we are back into school and all 3 boys are there all day! They love school so far and they keep telling me it will be the best year ever! Kaylee was able to participate in the Junior Hawk Cheer camp again this year. She loves Cheer-leading.  Miss Ana is one of her tumbling/cheer teachers and she sure likes her! We had a pretty good summer and are really excited for fall!

Oh Busy July

 July is ALWAYS so busy! I don't think we are ever home in July! We were able to go on the Annual Wowood Boulder Mountain trip! It was so nice this year. Not near the wash out as last year. It still rained but only at not and a very little during the day! Kasey took to prize for largest fish I am pretty sure! He was excited. It was a good week of fishing, four wheeling, and good food and family! This is a trip my kids look forward to every year!

Like I said Our July was busy! Parades and lots of them! Kaylee was in almost every parade with her dance group in Sanpete! Kaleb's team qualified for the State tournament so we were able to experience that. My dad, and Kaleb's Uncle Ben and cousin Sarah even came and watched him! It was fun and a good experience! We had lots of swimming and BBQ's in the back yard with family. We also lost a great and amazing man. My Grandpa Thatcher passed away in the first part of the month. It was a hard thing for me to deal with, not sure I really have. It was a very beautiful service to honor such a great man! We always have fun at the Ute Stampede in Nephi, and this year it was an extremely WET year! We got soaked during the Mammoth Parade and Saturday night at the rodeo was a soaker! We also took the kids to the Zoo and to the Bees game, then decided to stay up in Salt Lake, and went to Lagoon the next day! Sam has wanted to take the kids to Lagoon for a long time. They had SO much fun and are already planning the next trip there!

Then because I had nothing else to do in July, I was over a Little Miss Pageant in Fairview! We had some super cute girls try out and it was so much fun! I had an amazing group of ladies to help out and we are planning on making it an annual thing!

Kaylee was chosen as the Queen of her age group. She did such a good job and LOVES her crown!
And of course we always finish out the month with Fairview's amazing Pioneer day celebration. Fun Run, Parades, rodeo's, fireworks and always a family get together. We love our summer celebrations!


June doesn't look crazy busy but it was! We had all 3 boys playing ball this year and holy cow! 4 nights a week we were at a ball field all night! We love baseball season! The kids also attended JAKES day! My dad has put this on now for 15 years. The kids love it every year and hope it never stops. We took a little time out for some fishing and had some good success. Kaylee also started parades! We LOVE summer!


We always love the month of May! SCHOOL GETS OUT!!!! But there was also so much more that went into our month of May 2012! Kaleb worked so hard last year to get his blue card so he could hunt. He was able to kill his first turkey! He hunted for several days over by Nephi with Sam and My Dad but no luck and it was starting to look as if he wouldn't get one. Well Sam and I (Marcy) decided we would try during the week to get him one. We went were we knew some would be but they were all on private land, well we taught Kaleb a valuable lesson...instead of just bagging it we went and asked and received permission. The next night we went out and after 3 hours of hiking and calling and not seeing a bird we gave up, but just as we were leaving there he was...the monster bird Kaleb wanted. Sam and Kaleb baled out of the Tahoe, and I drove down the road...the turkey came in and Kaleb dropped him! He was pretty happy and all smiles!
We had plenty of baseball and t ball going on in May! The boys also took part in their school pirate play. y to They put so much time into it and it turned out so cute. The boys had their end of school dance review. Karson was quite the hula hooper, Kasey danced to I'm Elmo and i know it, and he can sure dance. Kaleb is finally to the age were he thinks the dance review is stupid but he still did it and showed us his great moves. Then It was Miss Kaylee's turn to dance. She loves dancing and loves her teachers. We love watching our kids grow and do so many fun things!

April 2012 Catch UP Time I guess it catch up ready cause I am not posting it all just bits to catch up! April was a good month for us! Kaleb turned 10! So crazy I can't believe he is that old. We also celebrated Sam's Birthday! The kids always love Easter time, coloring eggs, going to Scipio, Easter egg hunts and time with the family. We got 9 baby chicks this spring, needless to say not many survived the wrath of loose dogs but we love our chickens. The kids also were able to raise 3 bummer lambs. They (and mom) got up early every morning to bottle feed them. They are a lot of fun, but I am not sure we are ready to be sheep farmers yet! We also went to my sister Kym's Junior Prom...what the crap, that made me feel VERY old! She looked so beautiful! We also had a bunch of amazing visitors. Sam's dad Mel served his mission in the Philippines. One of the families that he taught and baptized came and visited. It was so neat to meet the Castillio  family that I have heard so much about!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wrestle...Wrestle...Twist em' like a pretzel...

We sure do love wrestling in our home. The boys are doing
really well so far this year and State is coming up really soon.
They are still wrestling for Team Takedown in Ephraim.
They have some really amazing coaches who have really
helped all three of them be better this year!

Karson is still young and learning but when he really
wants to he does a pretty good job. So far this year he
has placed 2nd @ Juab, 3rd @ South Sevier, 3rd @ North
Sanpete, and 4th @ North Sevier.

Kaleb has a lot of really tough kids this year but is doing
so much better then last year. He is getting so much
stronger and is trying his hardest. Kaleb has placed 3rd @
Juab, 4th @ South Sevier, 4th @ North Sanpete, and 3rd
@ North Sevier.

Kasey has also had some really tough kids this year. I
love to watch him wrestle. He is so flexible and learns the
moves so fast. He also is funny to watch when his brothers
are wrestling. I am going to have to try to video him..... he
is a pretty good coach for them. Kasey placed 3rd @ Juab,
1st@ South Sevier, 1st @ North Sanpete, and 1st @ North
Sevier. His goal is to be a State Champ this year.

So proud of all my for the post from state and
hopefully some goal are met!

February Hapenings

Our little Princess Kaylee celebrated her 3rd Birthday! has really flown by with her but oh the joy
and happiness she has brought to our family. She loves
the movie Tangled and so she got a lot of Rapunzel things
and a new bike! She wanted a princess cake so I (Marcy)
made her the best one I could. And she was very excited
to wear her new Birthday Dress!
We sure do love our Little Princess!

It finally snowed enough this year that the kids were able
to go outside and enjoy the snow. They even built a
snowman out front of our house. Kaleb loves to pull the
others around the back yard on their sleds behind the