Tuesday, April 28, 2009


We spent Easter in Nephi. We went to
church with grandpa and grandma
and Kymberly.

The Easter Bunny brought Kaylee
this pretty Easter dress and the
boys all got GI Joes. Man that easter
bunny sure is smart! We had a great
Easter and loved being with family!

Scipio Fun

After the Easter Egg Hunt we all go out
and shoot clay pigeons...it was a little
cold but that didn't stop them.

My mom and Kymberly even braved the
cold weather to shoot. Kaylee and I just
stayed in the Tahoe! It was nice and not
so windy in there! When they would shoot
the wind would catch the BB's and blow
them back to us!

The kids tried to roll some eggs
but it was just too cold!

Great Grandma and Grandpa Thatcher
got to hold and enjoy baby Kaylee for a
minute! They are such neat people
and we love them so much!

My kids love going to Scipio!

Scipio's Easter Egg Hunt

Every year the kids love to go to
Scipio to the Easter Egg hunt. They
have so much fun. Kasey found the
Silver Egg this year all by himself.
He got an extra special prize.

Even cousin Waylon got to have
some Easter Fun! He is so cute and
my boys love playing with him!

Coloring Easter Eggs

Aunt Kymberly loves to help the kids
color their eggs every year. Karson
really got into it this year.

Kym even helped Kaylee color a
couple of her own.

Kasey is very particular about his eggs,
the color and what they have on them.
He is such a perfectionist!

Kaleb loves coloring eggs, and is
sporting his new hat he got for his

The End Results!

Wrestling 2009

One more year of wrestling behind us.
This year Sam coached the Fairview
Little League Wrestling Program.
The boys loved having their dad coach.

Above is Kaleb at his last tournament
this year. He placed third. Kaleb had a
good year and wrestled hard all year.
He has a lot to work on but is doing a great

Kasey had an awesome year. He
placed fourth at state in a 16 man
bracket, and first at the last tournament.
He does really good at wrestling and loves
it. Next year we will have 3 wrestlers....
Karson can't wait!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby!

Sam had a birthday last friday and I
wanted to do the same thing I am
doing for my kids for him. For his
birthday we went shopping so he
could get what he wanted. Then we
went to Chuck E Cheese, not his first
choice but the boys were sure happy!

Sam is such a great dad and husband. He
is totally my best friend and would do
anything for our family. He is a hard
worker. Sam loves to do anything with
his kids!

Sam honors his priesthood and is
a good exmple to all around him.
His is the Webelos leader in our ward
and loves the boys. He coached
little league wrestling and is now
coaching t ball.

I am so thankful for him, and love
him so much! Thanks Sam for all
you do for our family!

Hope you had a great birthday!
Love You!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Wow....today Kaleb turns seven!
So crazy I know...he is growing up
so fast. Our family would not be the
same without him!

Kaleb loves cowboys, army's, and he
has a great imagination. Kaleb has been
doing do good in school this year. He is
a good reader and writer.

He loves any sports. He did an awesome
job wrestling this year and is really excited
to start baseball. He is also looking forward
to running again this year in the Fairview
Fun Run. Kaleb is a wonderful big brother and
helper to his mom and dad!

Kaleb had so many hopes and dreams
and I pray that they all can come true
someday for him. He has a special spirit
about him and loves the scriptures. We
love you Kaleb...Have a great birthday!

Karson's 3

Wow...so this year I decided to do a post
about my family on their birthdays'. I missed
Karson but here it is just a few weeks late.

Karson turned a big 3 years old this year
on St. Patricks day. He has been such a
fun addition to our family ever since he was
born. He has a smile that can capture any ones
heart. He is a handful most of the time
but usually a good boy.

He loves having his picture taken. He
also loves the nursery, jumping on the
tramp, playing with his brothers, lovin'
on his sister, and anything that keeps
him movin'.

Karson is the only one of my boys
who has had a broken bone, but no
stitches, (knock on wood). We love
Karson and are so glad he is a part
of our eternal family!