Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wrestling in South Sevier

We had a great tournament this past weekend!
Our boys have started wrestling for a team in
Ephraim......TEAM TAKEDOWN!

They love being part of a team that all sits together,
cheers for each other, and so much more! It's like
a second family and it has been so good!

Kaleb has come such a long way with this team!
He actually wants to wrestle and he is trying!

We had one very happy boy when he won his
matches! Kaleb tied for 1st place!

Kasey is still doing very well but is starting to
meet up with some kids who are a little tougher
for him!

Kasey took second at this tournament. He only
lost his last match by one point!

Karson is so much fun still! He is learning and
doing much better but no matter what everyone
still notices his big ol' smile!

Karson also took a silver medal this day!

Below is Kasey and his best friend Kylan! These
two are defiantly two peas in a pod!

Kaleb is all smiles after a very good tournament
for him!

Our three big wrestlers!

We are looking forward to a great year of lots of
learning, wrestling, trips, and fun!


Bald Eagle Viewing Day

Every winter there seams to be several Bald Eagles
that make beautiful Sanpete County their winter
home. The Division of Wildlife set up a day where
we were able to go out to the Fish Hatchery in
Ft. Green and then drive around spots in Sanpete
to see the nesting of several eagles!

The kids loved the fish hatchery!

The division guy gave each of the kids a handful
of fish food to toss into the fish! At first the fish
weren't really showing any excitement then all
of the sudden they were flipping out of the water!

The boys noticed the BIG rainbows were in with
the Albino's

We were able to see around 12-15 Bald Eagles!

It was a fun day with our family!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

She'll bring honor to us all....

Aunt Katie has gone and left us to China!

The last few weeks the kids have been dreading February 9th
and yet is still came! Katie decided a while ago to go to China
and teach English through a program at BYU! The boys have
tried their very hardest to change her mind, but Tuesday night
Katie cam to the house to say goodbye! I am not sure who was
having the hardest time that night, Katie, Sam, Me or Kaleb!
Of course many tears flowed but I do believe Kaleb had us all
beat! He I think will have the hardest time at our house! Even
though that as I write this, the tears are flowing!

Katie is such an amazing person, sister, friend and aunt.
The next five months will defiantly be long for us with
out her here! We started a countdown when she left and
it said 135 days....I thought Kaleb was going to choke...but
today it already says 134!

So good news for everyone else....we will be keeping up a lot
better on our blog so she can keep up on us!

We love you Katie, our little Mulon!

2 already!

I can hardly believe that Kaylee is already two!
She is growing up so fast and is such a blessing
to our family.

The night before her birthday we rented a movie
and let all the kids bring their blankets and pillows
into the front room...we popped some pop corn and
had some fun! Kaylee is always a show off for the
camera especially late at night.

We made pancakes for breakfast and her brothers
had to have candles in her pancakes. She thought
she was pretty special. She walked around all
morning singing "happy birthday to me."

We were able to have a big party in Nephi
that night because Kevin's girl friend Tacia's
Birthday is the day after Kaylee's

Although Tacia's cake put off a little more smoke
then Kaylee's! It's a good thing grandpa took the
batteries out of the smoke detector!

Grandma bought Kaylee her Princess Cake!
She was so excited to have her own cake. Whenever
we would ask her what she wanted for her birthday
she would always say "Birthday Cake"

Of course being the only girl on the Worwood side
she is defiantly the princess!

She got a fur real puppy and cute spring outfit
from grandpa, grandma, Kym, Kyle, & Kevin, a
Princess coloring book with markers from Uncle Mike
Aunt Kensey and Waylon, and she got 3 tutu's, a dress,
some bracelets, and a pink bike from mom, dad, and her

Because Grandpa Curtis was working
on Saturday we decided to have another
little party for Kaylee with the Curtis'
during the Superbowl!

Her brothers gave her a Tinkerbell outfit, and
grandpa, grandma, and Katie gave her a baby doll!

We are so blessed to have a little princess in our
home! Happy 2nd Birthday Princess Kaylee!

Ice Fishing....Skating!

Sam took the boys with him to 9 Mile to do a
little ice fishing. He said the ice was so clear
and neat! They got all their holes drilled and
the fishing was SLOW but the ice was slick!

The kids ended up skating around on their
tackle boxes and tummies. They didn't ever
catch a fish but they sure had fun!

Kaleb said the only thing he didn't like was
the sound of the ice popping.


Before Katie left for China we had a family dinner.
It was such a nice day outside that we were able
to spend some time out doors!

I (marcy) had made Kaylee a tutu and she is very
obsessed with it. I made it to match her shirts that
says "My Aunt Is My BFF" I even made her
matching bows for her hair. It was so cute to
watch her show it all off. She has to wear one
almost everyday!

Kaylee, Cassidy(Julene's Daughter), and Grandpa
Russon loved sitting on the swing in the sunshine,
then this cat showed up. Kaylee likes animals...but
from a distance!

It is so much fun having a girl to make
these cute things for....not sure I could
get my boys to wear them.....well maybe

The sight we adore on a basketball floor....

It's that time of year again and the boys are all
excited! (even Kaleb:/) We headed to Juab
for the first tournament of the year and the boys did
pretty good with no practice since April of last
year unless you count the non stop house wrestling
at home!




Their Winnings!

This looks like it could end up being a fun year
with all three boys ready and excited to wrestle!
Our next tournament is February 19th in
South Sevier! Good Luck this Year Boys!