Saturday, August 27, 2011

School Days....

This summer went by so fast, and I honestly
can say I really don't like it when my kids
go back to school. It just means they are
growing up....and I am getting older!

Kaleb is in 4th grade this year. Which I
still think is a lie, he is still my little man!
His teacher is Mr Howard and he is super
excited to learn Utah History! He loves
riding his bike to school with our
cute neighbor boy Trevor. Kaleb didn't
want me to walk him in this year for the
first time! :( He is growing up!

Kasey is in the 2nd grade and his teacher
is Mrs. Sorenson! He was pretty worried
about this year because almost all his
friends are in the other class! His first day
was a little rough or as he said, "the worst
day of my life!" But it seems to be getting
better. He is pretty smart and loves to
read! He is the only one I don't have to
threaten to do their homework!

Kaylee started dancing this year from
Brittany Dykes who owns Just Dance.
She was so excited to start and did an
awesome job.

and finally Karson...He is our big
Kindergartner this year! He is so excited
to be going to school! On his first day we
were walking in and this cute little girl
was in front of us. He looked at me and is she in my class... I told him
she probably was...and he says "good!
cause she is CUTE!" What a boy!

So they are all off and running and growing!
I love my kids so much! Here is to a great
year of learning new things, making new
friends, and hopefully staying out of

Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer is coming to an end....

We have had a lot of fun this summer and as it comes to
an end we are still finding a few things to do! The pictures
are not in order but .......

My sister in law Amy showed us this awesome Splash Pad
in Spanish Fork! It is so much fun for the kids! Below is
Kaylee and Sarah enjoying the water! Kaylee and mom met
Amy and Sarah one afternoon for lunch at Cafe Rio and
some fun at the Splash Pad! The next week (above) we went
and did some school shopping and so we stopped with
Aunt Katie and played some more!

Sam checked off another goal of his this summer! He ran
the 10K@10K! He did and awesome job! There were almost
200 runners and he placed 55th! His time was one hour and
2 seconds! He wishes now he would have looked up and seen
the timer! That time was really pretty good for him! We
are so proud of him! Next year its going under an hour!

We haven't done as much fishing this summer due to
the slow snow melt! But when we have gone we have
had a lot of fun, seen lots of elk, and caught some

With the hunts coming up it time for scouting out those
big bulls and bucks! So we have been out doing a little
4-wheeling! One of our families favorite places to be is
in the outdoors! And our favorite time of the year to do
just that is right around the corner!

What a great summer our family has had!

Boating on Electric

To wrap up our month on July we took a little boating trip
to Electric Lake! Aunt Laura and Uncle Brice brought their
boat up and took us all for a good ride!

I (Marcy) had never been out on a boat...along with all our
kids. I must admit I was nervous and Laura thought that
was great because she says she has never seen me out
of my comfort zone!

When the kids weren't on the boat they were fishing and
playing in the water! Karson didn't ride on the boat with
us, he always went with others so I didn't get many
pictures of him!

Kaleb and Kasey, with a lot of force, rode on the tube
behind the boat with Aunt Laura! I think after all the fear
finally left them they really enjoyed it! Sam did an awesome
job on the tube! It took a lot for Brice to finally throw him
We had such a fun day! I think next time I may venture out
on to the tube! Thanks Brice and Laura!

24th of July

I love the 24th of July! Celebrating the great State
of Utah with lots of fun things! We were able to just
stay in Fairview and really enjoy all the fun things our
pioneer day's celebration has to offer!

The kids went to the Ice Breaker were they were able
to play lots of fun games....for FREE...even better! They
had a pie eating contest, watermelon, and so much more!

The kids decorated their bikes for the Kids Parade and
also participated in the Kids Rodeo. All the boys ran in
the Fun Run! Kaleb, Kasey and Karson ran the mile kids
run and Sam ran the 5K! There was a parade, family BBQ,
old fashioned games, and we wrapped it all up with

Kaylee is still kind of young to participate in most
of the activities but she still has fun! Her favorite part is
all the "Princesses" in the parades! She loves the Queens!
And ever since the Kids Rodeo Kaylee can't wait to ride a

Karson was so excited to ride a sheep at the Kids Rodeo!
When he was in the chute getting on Sam told him not to
let go...and he didn't! He rode that sheep right back into
the pen! It was pretty cute! He got a 2 dollar bill for his
ride Karson loved the kids parade and was able to ride
with his best friend Jax! He even ran the fun run and
wasn't even the last one to finish!

Kasey had an awesome 24th! Kasey won the pie eating
contest with his group! At the kids rodeo Kasey took third
in the sheep riding and first in the Stick Horse Race. He
got a trophy and two 2 dollar bills! Kasey ran an awesome
race in the fun run! He placed 1st in his age group and
fourth overall! He was so proud of himself!

Kaleb had a good week to! After A LOT of pushing, Kaleb
rode his very first steer! He was a little nervous...especially
when he seen the horns! He did great taking 3rd place! His
dad was so excited to be back behind a bull chute putting his
son on! We are so proud of Kaleb for facing his fear and doing
such a great job! Then Kaleb ran an awesome race to!

The boys were excited to show off all their winnings! We
had such a great Pioneer Days Celebration and we are all
looking forward to next year!