Tuesday, May 25, 2010


It was dance Review Time in Fairview! Kasey was pretty excited to do his dance and show us his mean Holla Hooping (spelling) skills. Kaleb on the other hand was trying to talk us into letting him break his leg so he wouldn't have to dance! They both did such a great job!

Kasey was kind of sad he was all done with Kindergarten. He loved his teacher Mrs. Christensen! He wanted his picture with her so he would never forget her...funny thing is...her daughter plays on our t-ball team...He will see her all the time! KIDS....got to love em'


It's that time of year again! We are super excited for baseball this year! I will post more pics of Kaleb and Kasey as the season continues.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Coal Miners Prayer

Take a look at these hands
They’re worn and rough.
My face scarred with coal marks
My language is tough.

But you know in the heart
Lies the soul of a man
Who toils at a living
That few men can stand

There’s sulphur and coal dust
And sweat on my brow.
To live like a rich man,
I’d never learn how.

But if you’ve got a corner
When my work is through,
I’d be mighty proud to live
Neighbors with you.

Each dawn as I rise,
I know all to well…
I face only one thing:
A pit filled with hell.

To scratch out a living
The best that I can.
But deep in this heart
Lies the soul of a man.

With black covered faces
And hard calloused hands,
We ride the dark tunnels,
Our work to begin.

To labor and toil
As we harvest the coal
We silently pray,
Lord, please harvest our souls

Just a corner in Heaven
When I’ve grown too old
And my back it won’t bend,
Lord,To shovel the coal.

Lift me out of the pit
Where the sun never shines,
‘Cause it gets mighty weary
Down there in the mine.

But I’d rather be me.
Though no riches I show,
Though tired and weary.
I’m just glad to know

When the Great Seal is broken
The pages will tell
That I've already spent
My time in hell.

I found this post today and thought
it was really neat and had to share
it! As I have people close to me that
I love who spend their days mining coal
including my husband I really enjoyed

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hiking Maple Canyon

This past weekend we went up Maple
Canyon by Ft. Green and did some hiking!
Our first hike was up "Box Canyon"

It was a fun hike that led us through some
places where we had to climb and shimmy
through and over some rocks!

Kaylee actually did pretty good!

Grandma Curt actually stayed back
a little ways from the end with Kaylee.
One of the last rocks to climb over
was a little rough and Grandma
was more then happy to stay back!
But above are the rest of us at the end
of Box Canyon!

Getting back down was a little tougher on the
kids but they still did amazing!

Kaylee was such a good sport the whole way!
She never cried or fused!

Probably cause she wasn't the one walking!
After a little lunch we hiked to the Arch. The sign
said it
was only 0.5 miles but we all beg to differ! It was
a rougher, longer, steeper, but still good!

Even grandpa Curt made it to the end of this one!

Laura snapped this picture of us after our long
hike! The rock Kasey is holding was shaped like
a heart and he wanted to bring it home with him
but nobody wanted to pack it so we took a
picture instead!

Kasey and Kaylee taking a little break
on the trip back!

At the end of it all we wanted one big group picture
and two nice ladies helped take it! We all had a
great day and are looking forward to our next
adventure! But there were some of us who might
not want to hike as far next time! ;)

Scipio Petting Zoo

On mothers day weekend we went to Scipio to
celebrate mothers day and grandpa Thatchers
birthday! We lucked out and it was the opening
of the new petting zoo!

The kids totaly loved it! Each kid got an ice cream
cone with some food for the animals in it! We walked
around and the kids played with the little goats, sheep,
pigs, bunnies, ponies, and many more!

The boys were supper excited to see a small car
show also going on! This was their favorite one!
Of course our boys are ALL about ARMY!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's Great to be 8

Kaleb was baptized on May 1st by his
dad! It was a very special day and we
are so very rpoud of him for the choices
he has made and for the example he is
to his brothers and sister! We had lots
of family come to support Kaleb!
Uncle Kyle, Uncle Kevin and Uncle Jared
all gave him some great advice with the
talks that they shared with him!

Our family is getting so big and we
are so lucky to have such a special
boy like Kaleb in our family!

Thanks so much for those who were
able to be here on this special day! It
is great to have such amazing family
and friends to support us!

State Wrestling Tournament

Kasey did a great job this year in Wrestling! He
won a lot of his matches but lost right before
the medal round! Hopefully next year he can

Kaleb placed fourth this year in the state tournament!
He had a good year!

We are so proud of the boys and how
well they wrestled this year! They also
do very good with sprortsmanship...(their
mom needs a little practice in that area)
We are already lookin forward to next year!

Cedar City Trip

We went to Cedar City for the boys State
Wrestling Tournament! We had fun and
it turned into being a good family vacation!
We took some time to go swimming!

We learned that our boys definatly need swimming
lessons! They were all a little scared of the water!

Kaylee found herself a new little friend
at the Hotel! She loved the mirror and
talked to herself and played with it for
a long time.

On our way down we made a pit stop at Cove
Fort! The boys loved the fort! It was a good
place to stop!

Kaleb's 8!

Kaleb turned 8 this year! Pretty Crazy! It
makes me (Marcy) feel old! He is so special to
our family!

(above) On his birthday we were in Cedar City
for State Wrestles! We took him to Walmart and
bought some cupcakes and sang to him in
our hotel room!

When we got back home we had a small
birthday party for him with a cake!