Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Well...I decided it was time to get
some pictures up. Above is Kasey and
Kaylee. He loves to hold her. She
looks like a doll in the picture.

This was Kaylee's first time to church.
I bought this dress for her on a good sale.
She is so beautiful! (at least I think so)

This is Kaylee and her grandpa.
My dad had had a cold and so this
is the first picture of the two of them.
Kaylee HATES her baths. The only
thing she likes about them is getting

Aunt Kymberly likes to play with
Kaylee. She had these to wear to
school and loved how Kaylee looked
with them on.

Kaleb wrestling!

Kasey Pinning his guy!

Kaleb and his medal!

Kasey and his Medal!

Kasey loves to have his picture
taken with his sister!

This was my dress when I was
a baby. I have my picture in it
at 2 months old. My mom gave it
to me and wanted a picture
of Kaylee in it.

She has been a great baby...and
we love her so much!

She thinks that she is such a big girl.
She tries to hold her head up all the

Thursday, March 12, 2009


You know that annoying beeping noise you get when you call someone and their phone is busy....well that's about our life anymore. We never seem to slow down. We have so much going on. To break it down. Kaylee is changing everyday and it's been fun to watch her start to recognize things. And she now knows if she'll cry someone will pick her up. She is still a great sleeper! As for me I feel pretty good except for the Mastitis I recently picked up! PAIN! Maybe someday I will be normal...but I am not counting on it! The boys started wrestling. I didn't make it to their first tournament but I heard they did awesome...and no pictures of it, cause Sam isn't a big picture taker....that's my job! This last Saturday we went to the NWTF Banquet in dad has been the chapter president for 12 years so we go to it and help. This year our BIG winner from our family was Kasey....he had his name called at least a dozen times.(my dad wants to take him to Vegas) His big prize of the night was a Remington 700, 20 ought 6, Stainless Steal Rifle! We were really excited.
So between me having Kaylee and adjusting to having a baby again...Sam being the head wrestling coach, scout leader, working, and trying to fit in some snowboarding on his new board....the boys and their wrestling and school...and Karson and Kaylee and all their wants and needs...we often have that annoying busy signal going on at our house. I will for sure get some pictures up soon! Just wanted to let everyone know we are still alive just always going!