Thursday, September 25, 2008


Favorite Three Tag

I was tagged by Alyse...

What are the last three things you purchased?
1. Groceries 2. Something for Mike's Baby 3. A Microwave for Laura and Brice's Wedding

What are the last three songs you downloaded for your I pod?
1. Waitin on a Women 2. Redneck Girl 3. Clay Walkers she likes it in the morning

What are your three favorite movies?
1. Madagascar 2. Cars 3. Kung Fu Panda

What are three things you have not done yet?
1. Had a baby girl (maybe this time) 2. Become an Aunt (but soon very soon) 3. Finished College

What are three things you cannot live without? (excluding people)
1. My Lap Top 2. Hot Buttered O's (Cherrios with melted butter, Crazy Pregnancy Craving) 3. the gospel

What are you three favorite dishes?
1. Collasal Shrimp (sizzler) 2. My mom's Chilli 3. My father in laws BBQ Turkey

What are your three favorite T.V. shows?
1. ER 2. Biggest Losser 3. Amazing Race

What are the last three places you traveled to that were more then one hundred miles away?
1. Las Vegas 2. Mesquite 3. Grand Junction

What are your three favorite desserts?
1. Cheesecake 2. My mom's Pan Eclairs 3. Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler

What are three things you would buy if money were not an issue?
1. Build a NEW HOUSE 2. Buy a Camp Trailer 3. Pay off my mom and dad's house

I tag Amy, Darci, and Tiffany.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What a Wonderful Day

Little LALALEE went and got herself married. I have loved Laura grow up from a little girl to a beautiful lady, and now a wife. She is so special to me and I am so excited for her and Brice. My boys love Brice and are so excited to have an new uncle to play with them. He is so good to them and it makes things so much easier...and even better Sam approves. He still thinks Laura is like 5 and shouldn't be married but he likes Brice, and we are excited for him to be a member of our family. We love them both so much and wish them the best of luck!(Picture 1 is the new happy couple coming out of the temple #2 is tipped wrong but Mr and Mrs Roberts #3 is the whole Curtis Family. MAN WE ARE GETTING BIG #4 All the kids and their spouses. #5 Laura and Brice and their nephews. How spoiled are they being the only grandkids.)

Laura's Wedding

Laura's Wedding was so beautiful and we had a lot of fun taking pictures and being with the family. The first picture is Laura and Brice at the reception, second them at the temple, next all the sisters, Me, Amy, Laura, Katie, and Brittany, and the last picture is Laura and her brothers!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Not my Normal Post

Well I don't usually just post my feelings on here but for some reason I just need to get this all out. This morning I have done nothing but let my pregnant women emotions get a hold of me....or should I say take over me. Kaleb has been having a way tough time at school and so it makes it hard on me. There s a little boy in the school who is also a first grader...Kaleb has tried all the time to be this little boys friend....because he is autistic and doesn't have many friends. So anyways last week Kaleb got strangled, bit spit on a hit by this little kid. There is nothing the school will do because he has a disability...Well for those of you who know me....the mom in me didn't take lightly to it. I tried to tell Kaleb to stay away from him..but it isn't working he did it again yesterday....Kaleb just doesn't understand why he is doing it, cause Kaleb is this little boys only friend...and now Kaleb doesn't even want to go to school...My hands are tied and I really don't know where to go with it...I just feel bad for him. So I started telling my brother who is on a mission about it in an email and I got thinking about how much I miss him and how much my boys miss him...and man down come the river. My brother has been gone now for 16 months and man I didn't realize how much I missed him i guess until this morning cause I now can't stop crying. The next 8 months I am sure are going to fly by...or atleast I hope they do. I just keep telling my boys and mostly I am doing this for myself, that just think...Aunt Laura will get married in Sept, Halloween will be in Oct...Thanksgiving in Nov...December Christmas and Kasey turns 5...Late January early February we will have a new baby, March Karson will be 3, April Kaleb will be 7 and then Kevin will be it looks a lot worse then it sounds when you write it. So anyways my emotions are super high and I miss my brother....and I am worried about my first grader..So I am sorry I put everyone who reads this through this pain..but I can atleast put it down and try to move on!