Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgivng Thankful List

Well....since tommorrow is Thanksgiving I thought that I would make a list of everything that I was thankful for.....Hopefully some of you who read this will do the same.

I am Thankful for....
-A loving husband who always does whatever he can to take care of our family. He is a hard worker, honors his priesthood, and loves us unconditionally.
-three wonderful little boys who keep me going everyday.
- kaleb....for his sweet little smile, for his little cowboy stage he is going through...and for all his haard work at school
- Kasey.....for his sense of humor, he always has us laughing, for his help with Karson and around the house
- Karson...for his hugs that he loves to give so often....and for those times when he just wants to sit on my lap and cuddle
-For two loving families who support our family and love us
-For the gospel
-For my brother who is such a good example to my boys and is working so hard at serving his misson and bringing the people of Arkansas to the church. 187 more day Bro...can't wait
-For friends who care enough to call just to see how we are
-For being as healthy as possible during this pregnancy. (Not counting my sugar level)

I love this time of year. I look forward to seeing so many family members this week and also to the great shopping day I will have with my mom and sister Friday morning. Get ready Kymberly 4 am comes early!

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Boys and their Cousin Waylon

Kasey was pretty excited to hold Waylon.
He loves new babies!

Karson looks like he is a monster now.
I was nervous on how he would act with
a new baby but he loves Waylon...He
even gave him kisses.

Kaleb has been so excited for Waylon to
come. When he was born we got a picture
of Mike and Kensey and Waylon, Kaleb has been
packing it around with him. The funny thing was
when we took the boys up to see him...I mentioned
it was a little funny to see Mike as a dad...Kaleb
repleyed by asking...But he is still my unlce.
They all love their uncle Mike and Aunt Kensey!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Waylon Michael Worwood

Yeah! He is here. My brother and his wife
had there first baby on Monday. He is so cute!
We took the boys to Nephi last night to see him.
I will put those pictures up this weekend.
He's a keeper!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Baby Shower

I have to have a few of the best friends ever.
This past weekend they gave me a baby shower
for Kaylee. It is so weird to get pink after so much
blue. Above are my three sister inlaws on the curtis
side. They are so sweet. Brittany came all the way
from Price!

We are also patiently awaiting the arival
of Kensey and Mike's baby Waylon. She is
such cute pregnant lady. Luv Ya Kens and
can't wait to see that baby!

Above is my mom, Kensey, My second mom
Helen and Raquel and her baby Rowdie Lynn.

This is my grandma worwood who
let us have it in her house. (THANKS) and
my aunt Diane with the quilt they tied.

Kaylee got so many cute little things.
Thanks Erin and Darci you guys are the best!
Also thanks to everyone who came!

Monday, November 3, 2008


The boys were so excited for Halloween.
Karson was a clown, Kaleb was Spiderman,
and Kasey was Batman. They had fun trunk
or treating with their dad.

Then it was off the the elementary carnival. They
played lots of games and had fun.

Then we were off to Nephi. They
love seeing their grandparents.
We went to great grandma worwoods.
She loves the boys and they were super
excited to see her.

Carving Pumpkins

My boys love to carve teir pumpkins.
Usually my grandpa grows a big patch for all
he kids...But since he passed mom
bought each of the boys their pumpkin this
year. They were way excited.

At first Karson wasn't real sure if he
wanted to stick his hand down in there
or not, but it didn't take him too long to
figure it all out!

Thanks Grandma Worwood for the pumpkins
and for giving us some good entertainment
with our boys for one night.

Deer Huntin in Scipio

My boys love the deer hunt. They love
to go to Scipio to play with all my little cousins.
This year the weather was warm and they had a
lot of fun.

Not a lot of luck with the hunting though.
My sister Kymberly got her first deer ever,
and my mom shot her first since she had me.
The boys had fun and hopefully next year
we can have a little meat for our freezer!

Kasey's Preschool

Kasey and his Preschool class were able
to go to a pumpkin patch and pick a

This is Kasey and his bestest friend