Monday, December 29, 2008

Kasey's 5

Wow.....Little Kasey is now five....I
can barely believe it. He is such a big
helper and home...and such a good
brother. He always has a joke for us
and is so funny.

He was so excited over ever
present that he got for his birthday.
He had so much fun. He has grown
up way too fast.

Pictures for Kevin

My brother who is on a mission wanted some
pictures of all the snow in Utah. So here ya go brother
I just took a few aroung my mom and dad's, and
some of my boys in the snow.

Kasey is like a little puppy dog...
He hates to ride on the back of the four
wheeler so he rides on the front.

Kaleb and Karson love riding on the sled
as long as Kymberly doesn't go too fast.

The boys (with a little help from their
dad) built a army snow fort in their
grandma's garden.

The Christmas Cowboys

The boys wanted Chaps for Christmas...
and Santa delivered. They were so excited
and never would take them off. Kasey thinks
he is pretty tough in his.

Uncle Kyle has no chance up against
these boys....He is in for it.


The boys got so spoiled for Christmas.
It's crazy that they got so much stuff.
But I have to admit one of my favorite
part of Christmas was talking to our

Little Waylon is getting so big!
He is so much fun and gets me
all excited for Kaylee to come.

Christmas must have been way
to exciting for Karson. He was out
about three o clock. He is so cute...when
he is sleeping

Christmas Eve

When there are two families so close you have
to split your time. So on Christmas Eve we spent
the day with the Curtis' . The boys got to open
their presents from Grandma and Grandpa and we
had a fun little dinner and went to a program.

The program was really good...and then
a special visiter came. The boys were way
excited to Santa one last time. Karson was
probably the most excited.

Karson loves Santa!

Lovin' the Snow in Fairview

With the first big snow storm in Fairview...
comes lots of playin for the boys. They were
so excited about the snow and couldn't wait to
go play in it. Karson couldn't be happier.

Even when the big brothers piled the
snow on top of him or used him as their
snow ball target. It's going to be a fun winter!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Family Tradition

This year we went to the first ever
Nephi Christmas Light Parade. It
was awesome. We have always gone
to one in Helper were we lived in Price
but this one was great.

Karson was so excited to see Santa again.
I think he has found a new friend! He was
just a wavin' at him.

There were some pretty awesome
floats and it wasn't too cold.

They lit up the Old Mil park with tons
of lights. It was really pretty.

We had a blast and are excited to
see how many more participants
take their turn next year. Maybe
my dad should get out the Harley and
deck it our next year. Guess we will
wait and see!

Santa....I Have Been Really Really....?

The Boys were way excited to see
Santa this year to tell him everything
that they wanted. This is the first year
Karson didn't cry, he actually ran to him.
Now he won't stop saying "HoHoHo!"

Kaleb of course told Santa he wants
chaps, spurs, and anything cowboy.
He is going through some type of stage
right now and thinks he's a cowboy!

Kasey only is asking for one thing he
says, then he's for sure to atleast get it
but he says...He always brings more then
I ask for....Cute Kid!