Monday, June 27, 2011

Fairview Waterfall

Every year we take our family and hike up to see
the run off in Fairview Canyon and go to this
waterfall. We are usually able to go on Memorial
day but due to the crazy long winter it was early
June before we could make it!

Jakes Day 2011

The kids look forward to this day every
year! Grandpa Worwood with the help
of his NWTF committee put together a day
just for kids! They shoot bows, guns, climb
the rock wall, learn about the outdoors
and so much more! They all LOVE

Kaylee even climbed the rock wall..
well she needed a little help but was
so happy!

Karson hates heights! I must admit
this is one of the only things he is
scared of!

Kasey says his favorite thing is climbing
the wall!

Uncle Kevin is suposse to be "helping" the kids
shoot bows...It must be a fun day for "Big" kids

This year Kaleb finally climbed
the whole way to the top! He
was super excited!

Kids Spring Picture

This is our four amazing kids in their
spring picture! I loved this picture!
Each one of these kids adds something
in our home! I couldn't imagine our life
without them in it!