Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pet Peeves..or should I say my thoughts of the day!

So I have been thinking a lot about things that bug me or have been bothering me....ya know like pet peeves! I have had a lot lately and for some reason my list keeps getting a little bigger...so here is my list:

- I hate when someone who is a first time mother....or has never been a mother tells you what kind of mother you should be and the things you do wrong when you have been doing it for almost 7 years!

- I hate when your friends get married and their husbands/wives think that now they don't need their own friends and should just be friends with theirs.

- When you work so hard to make someone feel welcome in your family and they treat you like dirt!

- When you do so many nice things for certain people....and they never return the favor or even send out a thank you!

- When your family or spouses family favors other members of the family.

- I hate it when someone is nice to your face but talks bad about you to your family members....Hello not like they aren't going to blab!

So anyways there are some of the things that bother me....When some of you read these I am sure you'll understand why I feel this way. So anyone who has comments please leave them...Anyone else who feels the same way feel free to post yours...It makes ya feel better. Kind of like your telling that certian person just how mad ya are in a round about kind of way!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Church Day

Our boys actually all looked good for church yesterday so we had to take a picture. It won't be too long and they will have a sweet little princess with them.

Fishin in the COLD at Boulger

We went and did a little fishin up on the mountain the other night. It was WAY COLD, but the guys were way excited. We even caught a fish. The boys were excited. Sam always gets them on his hook and then lets the boys real them in.

Skyline in the Fall

We took the boys up the canyon to see all the leaves
before they all fell off. The boys loved it.

It even rained a little and we got to catch the rainbow going
into the gold trees. Kasey was looking for the unicorn's. He
is so funny! But it turned out to be a nice night.

Rrrrr...Pirate with Aunt Katie

The boys were so excited to spend a day with Aunt Katie.
She had so much fun stuff planned for them.
She took them to one of her teachers home's who has a pirate ship in his back yard.
They got to dress up and everything!

Thanks Aunt Katie for a fun day!

North Skyline Drive

We were out looking for deer on the skyline Drive and was really liken the sunset. So we stopped to take some pictures. Hope you enjoy....and for all you former Sanpeter's.....maybe make ya miss home a little!

Kaleb's Dog

This is Kaleb and his dog Blackie. He is pretty good to take care of her. He likes playing with her.
Karson on the other hand hates her as you can see. She was behind him with Kaleb and Karson was scared.

It's A Girl!

Well....I should have updated this a while ago, but we found out we are finally having a girl. We are all very excited. Now the shopping begins....We have no girl stuff! It will be fun to have a change in our little family. The boys are super excited. We have decided to name her Kaylee! We went through a lot of different names and that is were we ended. So we are way excited and hope she will just stay in there now for a few more months.