Sunday, September 26, 2010

2 Great Elk Hunts

We had so much fun hunting elk this year!
The Worwood boys were super lucky and not
only did one brother draw but two of them and
they both got amazing elk and made lots of
great memories in the process!

Kevin's bull was a pretty sweet 5 point! The story
that they tell is a pretty good one! Kevin had an
archery tag and Mike called this bull into about
30 yards then all the sudden it started loping
towards Kevin so at 13 yards Kevin dropped it! He
tells us it was out of self defense in order to keep
the bull from doing his business with Kevin who
at that moment sounded like a cow elk, and had
scent biscuit's that made him smell like one to!
No matter the story it was good to get one out
of the way! Kaleb and Kasey and Sam got to hike
down to help get him out! Kasey swears it was
200 miles at least one way, but grandpa's GPS
says 5 1/2 miles round trip!

Mike also got a great bull. He scored himself a
great 6 point with his rifle!

It wasn't too bad of a hike to get to his bull so,
Kaylee, Karson, grandma, and myself even
got to hike to it! Kaylee wasn't real sure about
it but the boys sure were excited!

What a great time we all had and we all made
so many memories. Kaleb got to go out and call
with the older guys and heard for the first time
a elk in the wild bugle back...He is now hooked
and can't wait to hunt one himself! No matter
what we are doing as a family we always have
fun and have good stories to tell!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sanpete County Fair

We always take part in the Juab County
Fair but my kids are always bumbed out
cause they don't get to do anything
cause they live outside the county....So...
this year we ventured all the way to
Manti for the Sanpete Fair! The kids
had a blast at the parade, doing the fun
on the farm, looking at the exhibits, and
riding sheep...well at least the youngest two
boys enjoyed the sheep.

Kaylee had to be fast to beat Karson to the suckers!

The boys love parades!

Here is Karson' half second of fame! He
didn't make it too far but he had fun!

Kasey was the first mutton buster out of the
night and he rode the furthest but the guy
that scored must have had his favorites all picked
out.....not too sure how the figured scores but he
had a blast and says he is going to win it next year!

New School Year

So Kaleb and Kasey's real first day of
school picture did not work out so I had
to re-take one! The boys love these shirts
and think it's great to be against each other!
Kaleb is now in third grade and Kasey is in
first! They are growing up super fast.

Wow!!! Karson is in Preschool! He loves school
and is doing great! He was so excited to go and
he wishes he could go everyday not just two
days a week!

Now it is just Kaylee at home! She gets a
little lonely when Karson is at school but it
is fun for the two of us!

Looking For Elk

Both of my (Marcy) brothers have big bull tags
this year on the Sanpete so we have been out
scouting for them a little. It has been fun to
just take our four wheelers and go in the
mountains as a family!