Friday, August 15, 2008

Boulder Mountain

I will Edit this later got to go!

Scipio Celebration

We love going to Scipio to their
Celebration. The boys love
Playing with their cousins.
They love the parade. They each
can catch a whole grocery bag of
Then it's off to the park for games and
the races. If you win your race you get a
dollar..which karson did....the others get a
fifty cent piece.
Then there are lots of games where they
win noisy prizes that all the parents try to
hide as soon as we get back to grandma's.
Then we get ready to go get in line on the fence
At the Rodeo for the sheep riding. They get 50
cents just for riding. The boys love doing it....Karson
even rode....with a little help from dad. Then we watch
my uncles and cousins rope. We love going to Scipio and
look forward to it every year!

24th in Fairview

The 24th of July in Fairview is a day filled with fun and more fun!
We start off the morning with the 6 am Fireman's wake up. Not my
...but the boys loved waiting for the fire trucks to come past
our house. Then it's off to the fun run. Kaleb and Kasey ran the kids
race....and it was a whole mile. I couldn't have done that but they both
did an amazing job. Then we headed home to decorate bikes for the kids
parade. They rode the whole way down main street and back up. They
should have been very tired boys. We watched the big parade...Princess
Katie was in it lookin beautiful as ever...and the new fire fighter in town...
Wes...the boys sure think that is neat. Then it's off to grandma's for a BBQ...
some running through the sprinklers...and watching those good ol' fireworks...
which I would have to say were the best they have done. Way To Go Fairview!
Already Lookin Forward to next year!