Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sam's deer

Sam had a successful hunting season this
year! His deer wasn't huge, but the kids
sure think it is!

Kaleb can't wait till he can hunt deer. He recently
got his blue card and so it won't be long! Hunting
is always a family outing for us. We love getting
our kids in the outdoors.

Kaylee loved the deer! She didn't want to let it go.

Fall Fishing

We took some time out of football to do a
little fishing! We have gone a couple times
and have caught some awesome fish!

Our boys love fishing and are getting pretty good at
getting their own poles ready! Hopefully we can make it
up there once more before winter sets in!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fun Colors of Fall!

We love our mountains in the fall time! There
are so many beautiful colors and it makes
everything look so beautiful! Lots of fun little snap
shots get taken during this season!

One Saturday afternoon we took a drive on the
4 wheelers on the North Skyline Drive. Sam's parents
followed us in the jeep!

Kasey and Kaylee are our camera lovin' kids!

Even the irrigation pound looks pretty

I love the leaves!

Family Picture time!

Having our family pictures taken is one thing
that I (marcy) make sure happens at least
once a year! My kids change so much for
each one!

This year we headed up to the families
property and had my little sister Kym
push the camera button! I edited them all
and is some of them! We had
over 200 to choose from!