Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Break 2011

For the kids Spring Break we decided
to take our very first "Family Vacation"
On Thursday we left early in the morning
for the long drive to Bryce Canyon.

One of our many "I need to pee" breaks
happened at Big Rock Candy Mountain.
The kids were a little bummed that it
really wasn't a mountain of candy!

The tunnel in Red Canyon right before Bryce's!

The boys were really glad to get out of the
Tahoe and do some hiking. Even thought it was
a little chilly!

Our family at some of the look outs at Bryce
Canyon National Park!

Beautiful Scenery!

They made sure to hang on to their hats when
the big gusts of wind came by!

There was only one really short hike open due
to the snow they still had and the mud from it
melting!We didn't go all the way down in but
far enough!

As we left Bryce Canyon we had to stop at the
famous picture spot!

The huge tunnel as we entered Zions National
Park on the second day!

Kaylee hated the tunnel...she cried the whole
way through and yelled "SCARY!!"

The look from the road below at one of the
window's inside the tunnel.

The lower Emerald Pool that we hiked to.

The waterfalls were very amazing and
different, each one.

Taking a break during our 2.6 mile round trip hike!

This was the upper emerald pool...the turn
around point of the trail.

At the last stop in Zion's Canyon this chipmunk
wanted the boys to feed it..... they had seen the
signs that said if they did it was a $100 fine so
they made sure not to drop anything....

So it decided to go to Sam. The kids thought it
would climb up his leg!

Another beautiful waterfall

The boys loved the wildlife. You would think
they had never seen a turkey before as
excited as they were.

Ranger Sally, swearing the kids in as Junior
Ranger's of Zions National Park

Leaving Zions!

On Day 3 we headed for the long
trek back to Fairview. We made many
stops along our way! We had so much fun
on our trip and the kids are already
planning the next one!

Here we are again!

One more tournament post before the boys wrestle
at their state tournament on April 9th in Salina!
The boys are doing good and trying hard to do their
very best!

Kasey getting ready to put his opponent in the
cradle. He loves this move. He takes after Uncle

Kaleb had some tough kids again at this tournament
but did really good with them. I think the word
"Aggression" finally might be kicking in!

Karson's matches always make me laugh!
He is either trying to scare the kids with his
looks (like below), or has a huge grin on his

The boys with their medals and their little
cheerleader, Kaylee.

Good Luck at State boys! We are very proud
of you!