Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kasey's Preschool Graduation


Kasey did so good at his graduation!
He volunteered to give the opening
prayer! There were so many songs
and speeches the had to memorize!

This is Kasey and his amazing teacher
Miss Karie. She was such a good teacher
and Kasey absolutely loved her. He cried
when we got home cause he didn't think
he would ever see her again!

Brant, Kasey and Kylan, all I can
say is Mrs. ready
for a exciting entertaining
Kindergarten next year!

Our Little Graduate! He is growing
up SO fast!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fun Times!

This last weekend we were able
to go up Fairview Canyon and look
at the waterfall caused by the snow
run off!

We hiked up there with all
the kids. It was fun!

kasey was super excited...on the
way down the canyon he lost
his very first tooth!

This little princess is what makes
my day. We love her little smile
she has truely been a blessing in
our family!

Kaleb's Play and Dance Review

Kaleb had a little play in his classroom.
He did such a good job with his part.
He is growing up so fast!

For the dance review Kaleb danced
to fun in the sun. He did such a good
job. You could tell he was a little
nervous but it was funny and he
remembered all the parts!