Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween this year was so many days long at
our home! With so many different school parties
programs, parades, and more we had 4 days
of Halloween!

On Thursday Karson had his Preschool Party and
parade. His teachers husband pulled them on the
tractor for a fun hay ride followed by a parade.
He thought it was pretty cool!

Friday was the annual Fairview Elementary School
Halloween Parade down the Main Street. Our boys
love this parade. Above is Kaleb as a Ninja with his
third grade class. He was having a little trouble
with his mask. Below is Kasey in his Ninja Costume
with his first grade class.

They go North on Main street to Walkers then
turn around and go back South. All the businesses
hand them candy as they go!

That night was the school Carnival. The only
picture we got that night was of Kaylee doing the
cake walk. She was having a hard time understanding
what to do.

Following the carnival we headed home to carve
our pumpkins. This is always my favorite thing
about this Holiday! This was what we looked
forward to when we were little because my
Grandpa Worwood always grew and gave us
our pumpkins!

Kaylee was pretty good help on hers, and Kaleb
has got the routine down packed!

(above) Kasey is a perfectionist and it always
takes him a lot longer. As you can tell by Sam's
expression it sometimes gets a little crazy!

above: Karson getting a little help from his dad.
below: Kaylee would gut hers and then eat the
inside! YUCK!!! But whatever kept her happy!

The kids loved their pumpkins!

All done and Glowing!

Saturday it was time, finally, to do some
trick-or-treating! We went to Nephi early so
Grandpa and Grandma could see the kids in
their costumes! Grandma always has such
cute and fun decorations so the kids were joined
by a few friendly ghosts!

Karson-Batman Kaylee-Witch
Kasey and Kaleb-Ninja's

Trick or Treating at Great Grandpa and Grandma
Russon's. They love having the kids stop by!

Below is all the cavities.....I mean Candy the kids
got. Wow...I am thinking they got enough for
next year to!

We had a great Halloween! Even if it lasted
4 days! Halloween Sunday we just rested from
all the craziness!

Deer Hunt 2010

This year for the deer hunt Sam
had a tag for the Southeastern
Unit. We were excited to go looking
for deer until we got to the top of
Fairview Canyon and this is what
we found.....the first HUGE snow
storm of the year! The kids were
not at all excited that mom had to
have a picture!

Then we got to the bottom of Fairview Canyon
and the weather was not at all winter like! So
crazy. We had deer but lots of memories!

Kaylee and mom waited at the bottom why all the
guys hiked down. It was a good day!