Sunday, December 19, 2010


Family Traditions!

"Grandma Curt always knew how to make everything
work, and make everyone happy!" Sam says this
every year around Christmas Time!

Many years ago she would have Santa come on
Thanksgiving to give each of the kids a little something
to get them by until Christmas. Then one year Sam's
brother Ben was Santa in a school play and so she
wanted him to be Santa at the family party. And
so Ben wouldn't feel left out each kid gave him a gift
in return for their own, and every year after the grand kids
got to be Santa.

Uncle Randy, the oldest, has kept this going since
Grandma Curt passed away about 14 years ago.
Every year each of the kids take turns being in charge
and now we are onto Great Grand kids being Santa. We
always seem to complain about finding time to make time
for this special day but when we are all there all the
craziness of life goes away.

I found a couple of pictures to remember the old days
before sharing the most recent!

Above: Sam with his cousin Russ...

Above: from what I understand Grandma Curt
was not one to get her picture taken as you
can probably tell by her expression in this picture
with Sam when he got his Eagle!
I believe she is smiling down from Heaven at the
fact that this tradition is still going and growing!

This year Kaleb had his turn to be Santa! He
was super excited!

Above: Aunt Katie was Kaleb's little elf helper!
She is so fun and the best aunt!

Above: Mels' Family

Above: Randy's Family

Above: Keith's family

Above: Margie's Family
There are two Curtis kids who weren't there this
year. Uncle Bill and family are from Nevada and
have come in years past but weren't able to be
here this time. And Uncle Gerry's family wasn't
there either.
All in all this was a great night to get caught up
with everyone, see where they are going, what
degree they are getting (high 5 to Margie's
family and herself), who is expecting, remember
those cool hats Grandma Curt gave them
with their names on, and much more.
This tradition is such an important part of
my husbands life that nothing would keep
us from it. I love family time and look forward
to this tradition continuing!

Monday, December 6, 2010


This year we had Thanksgiving dinner with
the Worwood's the weekend before so we all
could be there. This is the whole family minus
only a couple. We were missing my brother Kyle,
Cousin Jeremy and his boy, Cousin Travis and
his wife, and My cousin Megan's Husband.
We had a great dinner...and look how happy
Grandma is that we were all there!

The whole family

The 5 kids and their spouses: LtoR; David and
Carmela, Diane & Russ, Bill & Jana, Grandma,
Betty & Terry, and Lynn (dad) & Valerie (mom)

Above is all the grandkids, spouses, girlfriends,
and great grandchildren!

Grandma with all her grandkids and great
grandkids above

Grandma with 13 of her 14 Great Grandkids!

Kaleb's a Wolf

We are so proud of Kaleb. He works so hard
on his scouting and just recently earned his
Wolf Badge!

We do a lot of it al home but he has two really
great scout leaders to help to! THANKS
Sister Perry and Sister Morris