Thursday, December 31, 2009

Decmeber 09 are some of our fun pictures from
December...They are not in any order at all. Above
is our family enjoying the light in Nephi on New
Years Eve!

I love this picture!

The Kids enjoying their sleds they got for Christmas!

Above is Kaylee on Christmas morning! She was
so excited....just don't mind Kasey in the corner!

Our wonderful kids enjoying the snow!

Kaylee in here pretty Christmas Dress!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Nephi's Light Parade & Santa

Kaylee and Aunt Kymberly while we
were out searching for the perfect
Christmas Tree!

Santa and Kasey

Santa and Karson

Santa and Kaleb

Kaylee's first time with Santa...I was all prepared
for the scream...but she never did she loved him..
she snuggled right down into his beard!

We Love the nephi Light parade. It is so much
fun..a little cold, but we love seeing all the lights!

Great Grandma Russon and Girls

Sam's Grandma Russon is a very special lady
and we love her so much. Kaylee loves to sit
on her lap and she likes to play with her
during relief society! Above is Kaylee with her
wonderful great grandma!

Cassidy (Sam's aunt Julene's girl), Grandma,
Kaylee, and Sarah ( Ben and Amy's)

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Our family has so many things to be thankful
for this year! We have a new baby girl that we
love so much, and we are together! I love
the holidays and being able to reflect on the
things we have and enjoy as a family! This
year has been a crazy rough one, but at the
end of it we are very happy and looking
forward to an amazing future! Thanks to
ALL our family and friends for the many
prayers, love, support, and friendship this
past year!


Kaylee loves taken baths! She thinks she's
pretty big!

Sunday after church the kids were blowing bubbles
and playing together so cute! They love playing

Kaylee with her little cousin Sarah! They loved
playing together! It was so cute Sarah would run,
Kaylee crawled behind her and they would take
turns screaming!

Kaylee loves POP! She will follow anyone
around who has a pop cup till they share!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Kaleb-Bull Rider Kaylee-LadyBug
Kasey-Bull Rider Karson-Bull Fighter

Carving Pumpkins is always fun.

Thanks Uncle Mike for the pumpkins!

Kaylee's First Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween Is always fun at our house!

October Overload!

I haven't been to good at updating our
blog so I better get going on it!

Karson was super excited for the snow
to fall this last week. He wouldn't even
wait long enough for me to put pants on

Sam got his deer, even though he's not
real proud of it, the boys think he's
pretty cool!

Sam and I got to go out together to hunt his
deer this year. He shot it and then we drug
it out. It was a long drag but the jerky was
good that we made out of it!

Kaylee is getting so big! She is standing
and will walk if we hold her fingers!
She is so much fun, and we love her
so much!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Family Fall Pictures!


Kensey, Mike Waylon, Kevin, Kym,
Kyle, Sam, Kaylee, Marcy, Lynn, Mom,
Karson, Kasey, Kaleb


THE GRANDKIDS-Kaleb, Kaylee,
Waylon, Kasey, and Karson


Well we try to get everyone
looking good

Grandma and Grandpa and
the grandkids!

Two VERY awesome parents!

Our Family Again

Mike and his Family

My brothers and sister; Mike,
Kevin, Kyle, Kymberly, and me!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall Time

We love Fairview Canyon in the Fall
and we love being together as a

Sam and the Kids!

Marcy and the Kids!

The Kids!

Our amazing little kids!

Somebody has their daddy
wrapped around their little

All the Fall colors up Fairview!