Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pinewood Derby

Kaleb loves scouts and looks forward
to the pinewood derby! He had a hard
time deciding how to paint his car! He
finally decided on the "General Lee"!

Kaleb's car was awesome! He took 1st in 3 of his
4 heats! I loved this picture of the boys waiting
for their cars to come down the track!

Kaleb took 2nd place over all! He was pretty

Kaleb and Sam

They have already been talking about
the plans for the next derby!

Karson turn 5!

Karson our little leprechaun in 5! I can hardly
believe it! He had a great birthday! We had
a little party with a couple of the kids from his
preschool class and primary class! I must say
it was the calmest most fun "friend birthday
party" I have ever done!

Playing a little Duck, Duck, Goose!

The party goers!

Karson's cake

We went to Nephi the Sunday after for a good BBQ
and Cake with the Worwood family!

He is growing up so fast! Happy Birthday Buddy!

More Wreslting!

Even little Kaylee has her own Team Takedown
outfit! I made her a blue and orange TuTu and
matching bows and a shirt! She is such a trooper
to go sit through all these tournaments for
her brothers! Good thing the coaches little boy
and her get along!

Even though the picture is a little looks
so awesome to look down and see our team all
together in their orange and blue warming up!

Karson has finally caught on to wrestling and
what he is suppose to do!

Kasey is going to be a lot like his Uncle Kevin,
and the cradle is his favorite move!

Kaleb had a tough tournament this day but it
doesn't stop him from trying!

Karson and his first Gold Medal in Gunnison!

Kasey thinks he is pretty hot stuff
taking first place!

Kaleb took 4th in Gunnison!

Kasey pinning his kid at North Sanpete! He took
second at this tournament!

Karson aka "Little Jimmy" given it to his opponent!
He got another gold medal in North Sanpete!

Kaleb sure gave it his all! 3rd place not too shabby!

Nothing Fancy!

These pictures are all just snapshots that
have really no rhyme or reason! Most are
from my cell phone so not the best either!

Kaylee is such a mother and has to have
a baby doll with her most of the time. I
caught her the other day reading
to her baby!

Kaylee is so crazy! On Valentines day we went
to Prove and took the kids to Chuck O Rama!
Kaylee was not into eating but would sit on
the back of the seats and show off! She is crazy!

Kasey and his dad chillin at the hospital waiting
for news on what was going on with him!

Karson's mom must dress him funny! Or he
has one heck of an imagination!

Kaylee is always good for a smile!