Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fairview Dance Review

It has come and gone again! The annual Fairview
Elementary School Dance Review! It is so fun
to go and watch all the cute kids show off their
dancing skills!

Kasey this year danced to Fishing in the Dark!
He did a really good job. He was not real sure
about dancing without any shoes but he

Kaleb jumped rope and I am not sure what
their song was! Sam says it's the old hamburger
helper theme song??? Kaleb did a good job! He
hates jumping rope, but he sure tried hard!

Kasey and his best friend Kylan!

Kasey and Kaleb with a couple of their friends
Morgan and Carson!

It was a fun night and a great way to wrap up
the school year! So proud of both our boys!
Next year we will have three in there! CRAZY!!!!

Karson's PreSchool Graduation

Karson was so excited for his graduation!
We gave him some balloons and
gummy worms!

He is such a handsome young man!

Karson's class!

Karson is never shy but as Jax handed him the
microphone to say his part he looked a little
scared! His part:
J is for jump
K is for kangaroo

He loves doing I'm a little teapot! So cute

Karson and Jax are quite the pair! Two cute
little men!

Karson said he is going to miss his teacher.
Mrs. Madsen had been an excellent teacher!

Karson and his friend Peter!

Karson is such a funny little boy! We are so
proud of him and look forward to him accomplishing
so much more in his life!

Friendly Family Game of Baseball

On a Saturday afternoon what better thing
to do then head down to the baseball field
for a game.

It was a fun afternoon!

above: Mel trying to strike out Sam
below: Amy giving a good hit

above: Whats this?? Yes even Grandma Curt
got in on the fun and hit some for the team!
below: Big Hitter Ben up to bat

above: Grandpa Curt was no easy out!
below: Coach Kasey giving orders! LOL

above: grandpa putting a little smoke into his
below: Amy and Sarah cheering everyone on!

above: Kaylee always has to have her picture
taken! But she is kind of cute!

We had a really fun afternoon! Hopefully we can
play again with more of the family!

Little Miss Kaylee

Kaylee has so many different personalities
and it has been SO different having a girl
in out house! She changes her clothes
at least a dozen times a day, she has to
pick her clothes, shoes, etc out for the day
and if you don't let her, she throws a fit!
She is 100% the queen of this house! She
rules our roost!

Kaleb's Puppy....Sadie

For Kaleb's Birthday all he wanted was
a puppy! And it may have been a little
late but he got one.

He picked her out and named her and
everything. He is doing really good
with her and we usually don't even
have to remind him to take care of

He is pretty happy!

The other kids love her to.....well Kaylee loves
her from a distance!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter 2011

I love holiday's because of all the family time
and fun that we get to have!

The kids went to 3 Easter Egg Hunts this year!
TOO MUCH CANDY at our house!

Aunt Kym and Kaylee takin a break from coloring
Easter Eggs!

Kaylee and Waylon at the Yuba Easter Egg Hunt

The best kept tradition! Rolling Eggs in Scipio!
Or as the little kids did THROW Easter Eggs!

Then its always a fun. loving, time shooting trap!
Ok so the fun part is right....but the Worwoods
are a little competitive!

Even the girls shoot! And may I just say....between
my sister Kym, Kevin's Girlfriend Tacia, my mom,
Kyle's girlfriend Kiesha, and myself......the boys
should run!

We had so much fun!

Kaleb's Birthday!

I can hardly believe Kaleb is 9 already!
He is such a good kid and we love him so much!
Time has gone by so fast and he is just growing
up to be a great young man!

For his birthday he wanted a new fishing pole
a baseball bat, and a new puppy! He got
everything he wanted! His puppy comes later
but he got his collar and leash! He can't wait!

Kaleb had a few of his friends over for pizza
and a movie...all though the movie didn't last
to long they just wanted to play outside! This
group of boys was a lot of fun! He has some
great friends!

State Wrestling

We finally made it to our final wrestling tournament
of the season! State this year was held in Salina
and man there sure were some tough kids there!

Below is Kasey! He has wrestled this kid before
and they are a close match! Kasey lost him first
match to a kid from Emery who has taken
first at State the last two years but only by
one point! He then won his next three matches
and finally met up with a boy from Juab who
is a really good little wrestler! Kasey lost a tough
well wrestled match! Kasey ended up taking 4th
at State! What an accomplishment!

Kaleb had some really tough kids! Kaleb just
started wrestling tough and hard towards the end
of the season! Hopefully next year He can start off
strong! Kaleb lost his first match by one point and
then was pinned in his second match! We are so
of Kaleb! He is always a good sport no matter what

We really aren't sure what Karson showed up to
do at this tournament! He usually goes out there
and wrestles tough and crazy but not today! He
pretty much was just tired and in his words...
"he just wanted a cookie!"

Kasey on the medal stand!

And with his GIANT Medal!