Friday, June 25, 2010


We are totally loving our summer! This past
week we went to the new Manti Pool with
Aunt Katie and her friend Silvia! The kids
loved the pool and it was nice and warm!

Kaylee looks pretty stylin in her floater and
hot pink sunglasses! We usually cant get her to
keep her glasses on but she left them alone

Kaleb loved his snorkle and would not take it off!

Poor Kasey...he loves to show off his cute smile,
we are begining to wonder if his teeth will ever
come back in!

We had a great time! I am not one for pictures in
my bathing suit! But I kept hid behind the kids!

Little Karson....not sure why he looks purple,
but he really enjoyed the water! We can't wait
to go back!

New Niece Hadley Curtis

Kaylee was so excited to see her new cousin! Not
sure Hadley was thinking the same thing! This
was our first time seeing Jared and Brittany's
new little baby!

She makes my baby look so big!

Karson loves babies!

Kaylee wanted her all to herself! All I can think is
WATCH OUT HADLEY! And I am sorry in advance!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kaleb's 1st Cub Scout Day Camp

This year Kaleb was able to participate
at Cub Scout Day Camp! He was really
excited to go!

He likes archery but we have decided he is a
little spoiled! His grandpa Worwood has been
letting him use a compound bow and these
re curves were NOT easy for Kaleb...but he
still did good!

Kaleb and his friend Shawn on the water slides

Kaleb and Brayden Church doing the sit-ups!

Our crazy little Fairview 4th Ward Troop!

Kaleb loved the alpaca's!

The BB guns were a hit......a little scary but
they did good!

Kaleb and his friend James!

Kaleb went a lot higher this week on
the rock wall! He did good at all the
activities and had a good day!

J.A.K.E.S DAY 2010

The kids look forward to Jakes Day every
year! Grandpa Worwood puts on with the
support of the NWTF a day for youth to
be in the outdoors and learn! It's all free and
so much fun for them!

Karson learning how to shoot the muzzel loader!

Karson packing the heavy forest
fire fighter's back back...with a
little help!

Kaleb even gave the backpack a shot!

Uncle Mike helped Karson shoot
the bows!
Kasey's favorite thing is to climb
the rock wall every year!

Kaleb likes to do it but is a little
more cautious on it!

Kaleb liked dressing up in all the firefighter

Kaleb was trying to show up his friend
NaKia in the archery class.

Kaylee pretty much just chilled in the stroller
and ate candy!

Sam was helping my dad with one
of the classes so Todd jumped in and
helped Kasey with the bow!

Kaylee was glad her dad was on
a break so she could have some
of his Coke!

Pretty sure Karson's favorite was the

All those who attended Jakes Day! This was one
of the largest groups that has ever been there!

A little closer look! Thanks to all those volunteers
who helped out an made this year so great! I am
sure there are several kids already looking forward
to JAKES DAY 2011! I know our kids are!

Little Miss Kaylee

Kaylee is getting so big and she is
so much fun! She loves to tease
everyone and she is always
smiling! She started to go to the
nursery even though she is not quite
old enough yet! She only cries till the
door shuts and she can't see us... I
think it's her way of making us not
feel so bad that she doesn't care we
are leaving! She loves to be outside
and play with her brothers! She is
so special and we know our family
would not be complete without her!

Memorial Weekend

For Memorial Weekend we split 2 days with the
Worwood's and 2 days with the Curtis'! We
got to spend some time up to the Worwood
property at the first of the weekend!

After Uncle Kevin had already been into the
"Bear Cave" to make sure the bear wasn't in
it, him and his friends stuck Karson down in it!

This is Kevin, his girlfriend Tacia, his friend Matt,
Kaleb and Karson at the top of the rock quarry~

The family brought a swing set up to the
property and the kids loved it! Kaylee
wouldn't stay off of it!

This is our cute little Nephew
Waylon, he is Mike and Kensey's,
He was showing me the worm he
had caught.

Then we took Monday and went with
the Curtis' back to Maple Canyon!
We hiked to the "BIG CAVE" which
was a long but fun hike. Grandma and
Grandpa, and Uncle Wes and soon to
be Aunt Haylee went with us!

Kaylee enjoyed the cookies!

Kaleb tried to climb up to go in the cave, but
it was pretty hard! Uncle Wes was the only
one who made it up there! He took some
pictures from the cave!

We had a great 4 day weekend! What a way
to kick off the summer!