Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sister Katie Curtis

Katie will be serving for the next 18 months in
Berlin Germany. We are so excited for her. We will
all miss her like crazy, especially the boys, but we know
that she is doing the right thing!

All the Curtis Girls, Haylee, Katie, Amy, Marcy, Brittany,
and Laura!

(Above) These are all the Curtis Cousins and Siblings
that were there to support Katie! Such a fun group!

The boys LOVE their Auntie Katie! They will be so grown
up when she gets home!

Love you Katie! We wish you the best of luck! We will see
you in April 2013! (crazy)

Halloween 2011

We LOVE Halloween at our house! This year we had a
surprise left on our front porch! This HUGE pumpkin!
The kids were so excited about this. It took us a while
to figure out where it came from but we did!

The kids all looked so awesome in their costumes!
Kaleb was an evil Jester, Kasey was Frankenstein,
Karson was a Ninja, and Kaylee was a Pirate Princess.

The kids love carving pumpkins to! Kaylee loves to gut
them more ;)

We had a great Halloween this year!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sam's deer

Sam had a successful hunting season this
year! His deer wasn't huge, but the kids
sure think it is!

Kaleb can't wait till he can hunt deer. He recently
got his blue card and so it won't be long! Hunting
is always a family outing for us. We love getting
our kids in the outdoors.

Kaylee loved the deer! She didn't want to let it go.

Fall Fishing

We took some time out of football to do a
little fishing! We have gone a couple times
and have caught some awesome fish!

Our boys love fishing and are getting pretty good at
getting their own poles ready! Hopefully we can make it
up there once more before winter sets in!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fun Colors of Fall!

We love our mountains in the fall time! There
are so many beautiful colors and it makes
everything look so beautiful! Lots of fun little snap
shots get taken during this season!

One Saturday afternoon we took a drive on the
4 wheelers on the North Skyline Drive. Sam's parents
followed us in the jeep!

Kasey and Kaylee are our camera lovin' kids!

Even the irrigation pound looks pretty

I love the leaves!

Family Picture time!

Having our family pictures taken is one thing
that I (marcy) make sure happens at least
once a year! My kids change so much for
each one!

This year we headed up to the families
property and had my little sister Kym
push the camera button! I edited them all
and is some of them! We had
over 200 to choose from!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Junior Hawk Cheer!

We signed Kaylee up for the Lil' Cheer group this year,
sponsored my the North Sanpete High Cheerleaders. We
were a little worried she might be too small, but she LOVED
every minute of it! She loved saying "Rolling with the white"
and rolling her hips! She did a great job!


Our Family LOVES the county fair! We make
sure we are a part of it some way! This year
the boys all drew pictures, and built legos
to enter into the fair! They earned a little
cash for their BLUE ribbon's!

Kaylee was in the parade with her dance
group! She was so excited to be on a
float! She loves watching the Queen's
or as she says "Princesses" and I think
she thought she would be like one if
she got to be in it!

Below is her dance group! She loves every minute
of dancing and her awesome dance teacher Brittany!
Kaylee is kind of hidden. She is right in the front dead

She kept waving at us and saying "hi daddy" She is so fun!

Then of course there is the sheep riding! The boys
absolutely LOVE this!
Kaleb did a good job riding! This will be the last sheep
ride for him...He is now to big! (makes me sad)

Kasey thinks he is pretty good at this sheep riding stuff!
But I think his sheep got the best of him this year! But
he still loved every minute of it!

And now there is Karson...Oh man I LOVE his
pictures! Karson is always SO happy and not scared
of very much!

But I think the picture below may have put a little
fear of Sheep riding in his eyes!

I think that the Fair Board President was a little worried
about him...its ok Wade...he is tough!

All the boys got a shirt with this on it!

We had a great time and made a lot of fun
family memories this year at the fair!


We took the kids to one last swimming
trip before our summer ended! The kids
love the Manti Pool! So we dropped off
the kids fair exhibits and headed to the

Kaylee loves the water!!! It's almost a
little scary how comfortable she is
with it! We put her in a life jacket just
to be safe! She loved the slide! She went
down with both mom and dad many

Karson is not a water kid! This is one of the very FEW
things he is scared of! He stays right on the edge, he
won't go down the slide, or even over in the whirl pool!
He is getting better but likes to be by himself for
the most part!

Kasey is getting more use to the water! He was
pretty scared at first to go down the slide...but
once he went he wouldn't stop!

Kaleb was out and dressed before I got
a fun picture of him! He has turned into
a good little swimmer. He use to not even
get his feet wet, but now he just goes
everywhere in the water!

The kids love swimming! It's kind of sad to see the
summer end!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

School Days....

This summer went by so fast, and I honestly
can say I really don't like it when my kids
go back to school. It just means they are
growing up....and I am getting older!

Kaleb is in 4th grade this year. Which I
still think is a lie, he is still my little man!
His teacher is Mr Howard and he is super
excited to learn Utah History! He loves
riding his bike to school with our
cute neighbor boy Trevor. Kaleb didn't
want me to walk him in this year for the
first time! :( He is growing up!

Kasey is in the 2nd grade and his teacher
is Mrs. Sorenson! He was pretty worried
about this year because almost all his
friends are in the other class! His first day
was a little rough or as he said, "the worst
day of my life!" But it seems to be getting
better. He is pretty smart and loves to
read! He is the only one I don't have to
threaten to do their homework!

Kaylee started dancing this year from
Brittany Dykes who owns Just Dance.
She was so excited to start and did an
awesome job.

and finally Karson...He is our big
Kindergartner this year! He is so excited
to be going to school! On his first day we
were walking in and this cute little girl
was in front of us. He looked at me and is she in my class... I told him
she probably was...and he says "good!
cause she is CUTE!" What a boy!

So they are all off and running and growing!
I love my kids so much! Here is to a great
year of learning new things, making new
friends, and hopefully staying out of