Wednesday, April 21, 2010

EASTER 2010 (Backwards Again)

Kaylee decided instead of rolling Easter
Eggs she would just slide down the hill!

Kaleb and Kasey picking up their eggs that they
just rolled!

Kymberly helping Kaylee

The WHOLE gang in SCIPIO after the
Easter Egg Hunt!

Kaylee and her Eggs

Karson and His Eggs

Kaleb and his eggs
Kasey and his eggs

Coloring Easter Eggs with Uncle Kevin

Spring Fun

Kaleb making his very first Pine wood Derby Car!

Kaylee loves dancing to grandma
Worwoods Easter Bunny!

Were conference is on Easter and Stake Conference
was the next week the kids wore their Easter clothes
a little early!

FIRST EASTER EGG HUNT of the year with

Karsons Birthday/St. Patricks Day

No matter how I do this my pictures are never
in order but....I guess they are still on here!

Our little lepricon turned four this year! Karson
is growing up so fast and is so much fun! He is
a great big brother and loves to follow in his
brothers footsteps! He is a blessing to our family!

Kaylee is always good for a photo shoot!
She has the sweetest little smile!

And here are our boys and two other team mates
after their wrestling tournament!