Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just some fun shots!

Kaylee is practicing to be a ballerina...she
loves playing in the kitchen drawers! I caught
her standing on one foot!

This is Kasey's Valentine Box! With a little help
from his dad he had quite the box! happy as long as it's after I get done
putting curlers in her hair!

Karson loves his bear hat!

Little Stud Muffin Kaleb!

Kasey is a DIE HARD Guitar Hero player! He
can't get enough!


The boys are loving wrestling! They are all three
doing great! Kasey is doing really good! He has
placed 1st at all three tournaments so far!
Kaleb has places fourth at two of them and
third at the other. Karson has placed 3rd at two
and 4th at one. It is so fun to watch the little






My tough little boys sportin their medals at the
Juab Tourn!

Kaylee's One

Kaylee loved the teddy bear more then
getting her picture taken! Jenny Klunker
took her picture and did a great job!

I just love her smile!

I can hardly believe that my baby girl is already one!
This past year has flown by! She had a great Birthday
Party with lots of family!

She kept trying to grab the flame on her

I just made her a cake for herself...hoping she
would just love to dig in...but she didn't. She just
took the candies off one by one!