Monday, September 24, 2012


We always love the month of May! SCHOOL GETS OUT!!!! But there was also so much more that went into our month of May 2012! Kaleb worked so hard last year to get his blue card so he could hunt. He was able to kill his first turkey! He hunted for several days over by Nephi with Sam and My Dad but no luck and it was starting to look as if he wouldn't get one. Well Sam and I (Marcy) decided we would try during the week to get him one. We went were we knew some would be but they were all on private land, well we taught Kaleb a valuable lesson...instead of just bagging it we went and asked and received permission. The next night we went out and after 3 hours of hiking and calling and not seeing a bird we gave up, but just as we were leaving there he was...the monster bird Kaleb wanted. Sam and Kaleb baled out of the Tahoe, and I drove down the road...the turkey came in and Kaleb dropped him! He was pretty happy and all smiles!
We had plenty of baseball and t ball going on in May! The boys also took part in their school pirate play. y to They put so much time into it and it turned out so cute. The boys had their end of school dance review. Karson was quite the hula hooper, Kasey danced to I'm Elmo and i know it, and he can sure dance. Kaleb is finally to the age were he thinks the dance review is stupid but he still did it and showed us his great moves. Then It was Miss Kaylee's turn to dance. She loves dancing and loves her teachers. We love watching our kids grow and do so many fun things!

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