Monday, September 24, 2012

April 2012 Catch UP Time I guess it catch up ready cause I am not posting it all just bits to catch up! April was a good month for us! Kaleb turned 10! So crazy I can't believe he is that old. We also celebrated Sam's Birthday! The kids always love Easter time, coloring eggs, going to Scipio, Easter egg hunts and time with the family. We got 9 baby chicks this spring, needless to say not many survived the wrath of loose dogs but we love our chickens. The kids also were able to raise 3 bummer lambs. They (and mom) got up early every morning to bottle feed them. They are a lot of fun, but I am not sure we are ready to be sheep farmers yet! We also went to my sister Kym's Junior Prom...what the crap, that made me feel VERY old! She looked so beautiful! We also had a bunch of amazing visitors. Sam's dad Mel served his mission in the Philippines. One of the families that he taught and baptized came and visited. It was so neat to meet the Castillio  family that I have heard so much about!

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