Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wrestle...Wrestle...Twist em' like a pretzel...

We sure do love wrestling in our home. The boys are doing
really well so far this year and State is coming up really soon.
They are still wrestling for Team Takedown in Ephraim.
They have some really amazing coaches who have really
helped all three of them be better this year!

Karson is still young and learning but when he really
wants to he does a pretty good job. So far this year he
has placed 2nd @ Juab, 3rd @ South Sevier, 3rd @ North
Sanpete, and 4th @ North Sevier.

Kaleb has a lot of really tough kids this year but is doing
so much better then last year. He is getting so much
stronger and is trying his hardest. Kaleb has placed 3rd @
Juab, 4th @ South Sevier, 4th @ North Sanpete, and 3rd
@ North Sevier.

Kasey has also had some really tough kids this year. I
love to watch him wrestle. He is so flexible and learns the
moves so fast. He also is funny to watch when his brothers
are wrestling. I am going to have to try to video him..... he
is a pretty good coach for them. Kasey placed 3rd @ Juab,
1st@ South Sevier, 1st @ North Sanpete, and 1st @ North
Sevier. His goal is to be a State Champ this year.

So proud of all my boys...watch for the post from state and
hopefully some goal are met!


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